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Is Keno a great gamble and must you play it while within the casino? The answer is it will depend on the particular person enjoying the game and why they are taking part in the game. The odds of hitting an eight spot Keno ticket are 230114 to 1 against you. So the odds are very high and certainly not in your favor. The payoffs are method off the mark and the house edge is made even bigger since they do not pay the proper odds in case you do hit the ticket.

When you feel the urge to play Keno there are several ways to make this talent free game more take pleasure inable. Set a greenback limit on the number of games you will play. Play it while eating or setting at the poker table. You'll be able to rationalize the price of Keno as part of your dinner expense. If you play it while taking part in poker and you are taking your bets off your poker stack, then the poker game is covering the price as long as you might be successful at poker. To sit down for hours and hours and just play Keno takes more persistence than most players can summon up.

Of course should you hit a big ticket then all of the logic for not taking part in Keno is put out of mind and the player and his household or buddies will enjoy the winnings. Keno is just like a state lottery. Everybody that plays knows it is a bad wager, however they continue enjoying in hope that they are going to hit a big ticker. People do win, just not very many. The reason that many people play is they don't have to study any thing with the intention to play the game. When you can mark off eight numbers on a ticket, then you are ready for the Keno wars.

Another good time to play Keno is when you have been running very lucky. Perhaps your successful streak will extend to the Keno game. It is actually value a attempt for a small amount of money. By no means assume a streak is over until it is. This advice on when to play is from a logical perspective. A hunch or running fortunate is a very good reason for trying to extend your luck. Hitting eight numbers is finished all the time in Vegas so it could as well be you as the following winner.

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